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The following miraculous deeds epitomized services in various assemblies and also during various programs in the Regions such as Prayer and Revival Weeks:

Recorded In New York Region

1. Linda Amofa from Worcester had a serious accident on the highway, with the bonnet coming off, and hitting the front screen, with a gas tanker truck behind her. But God saved her. She was not hurt. And people who came to the scene glorified God.

2. Comfort Adams of Leominster was healed from a diagnosis related to the breast during the 14 days prayer session in January.

3. Michele Mensah of Worcester Central Assembly was miraculously healed during the Holy Spirit Fire Conference in June from extraordinary internal bleeding that weakened her for over a month, for which doctors declared could had  paralyzed her.

4. Augusta Allen of PIWC New York, whom doctors declared in Ghana that she could not give birth because she was born with a natural defect of no birth canal. By the grace of God she has two daughters.

5. Sis. Kate Ogomon of Boston Central was suffering from extreme migraine headache that did not allow her to fast. During the Latter-house Glory Revival, a spiritual personality visited her with an instrument like a telescope and pointed it at her head. She has since then been healed and was able to fast without any headaches.

6. Sis. Gladys Asante of Boston Central was diagnosed a blood fungal infection and was rapidly deteriorating, but as the Church fasted and prayed, she was touched and has since been miraculously discharged.

7. After one Sunday Service, a sister, Dorothy Gadasu who was going for her immigration interview for the first time consulted the leadership of the Church who prayed for her. Two days later, this sister called to confirm that she has been approved for her residence permit. And that same week, she received her immigration documents (permanent card).

8. Elder Daniel Opoku of Bronx Central was diagnosed with an advanced hole in heart decease. The doctors made him aware that the chances of him surviving through surgery were very slim. After the surgery to correct the heart issue, it detected that he had a kidney problem which made the matter worse and his recovery challenging, but the church prayed and by God’s grace he has recovered fully to the glory of God.

9. Gabrielle Boameh from PIWC Worcester suddenly had a serious nose bleeding in June, 2015. This lasted for several days to the point where the mom had to rush her to the hospital for medical attention. Several procedures where performed to determine the cause but all to no avail. During one of the visits to the hospital for follow up the girl collapsed when a procedure in the nose was removed. The church as well as individuals consistently prayed for Gabrielle for divine healing. The mom testified to the glory of God that the blood ceased after the last procedure was removed and now she is doing well.

10. Deaconess Roselle Duah of Bronx Central was diagnosed with a deadly disease after being involved in a car accident. The church interceded on her behalf and God intervened and now she has recovered fully to the glory of God.