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Recorded In Western Region

14. Bro. Francis Owusu of Denver had his blood sugar level rising to over 1000. Again, through the intercessory prayers of members his blood sugar level normalized and he is in good health now.

15. Thieves broke into the mission house of Pro. Ovr. Daniel Otu of Seattle and got away with items such as laptops, 2 I-Pads and other belongings whiles they were asleep. But the good Lord protected the entire family from the hands of the evil one.

16. Allegation of client abuse was leveled against Bro. Raymond Asafo Adjei of Seattle central which led to suspension from work for a period of time and threatened his hard earned reputation. With much prayer and upon series of investigations those allegations turned out to be false. He was exonerated; his employers apologize to him and was restored back to his former position.

17. Dcn Patrick Adom of Denver was delivered from a terrible accident. A man appeared on the scene and prayed in tongues for our deacon before the paramedics arrived, the man who prayed for our deacon was nowhere to be found. Indeed, our God is awesome.

18. Sister Kristina Costello’s baby girl Anna whose heart was beating abnormally fast was discharged from the hospital after intensive intercessory prayer was said by the saints for her quick recovery.

19. Sister Doryn Essandoh of San Bernardino was caught in the middle of an active armed robbery scene at a 7 Eleven store but was miraculously saved from what could have a potentially deadly experience. The Lord knows how to preserve His own.

20. Sister Janet Koomson of Riverside Assembly who had many complications which could have terminated the pregnancy or cause some deformities to the unborn child, by the grace of God has delivered a bouncy baby girl thanks also to the intensive and consistent prayer of the saints.

21. Sister Yenoy Mansary of San Bernardino Assembly, who experienced three (3) months of excessive issue of blood was advised by her gynecologist to undergo surgical procedure to correct the problem but our sister declined the advice and intensified her prayer for divine healing. She decided to seek a second opinion from another Ob/Gy. Specialist who told her surgical procedure was not necessary. Jesus still heals a woman with an issue of blood.

22. Deacon Samuel Akuamoah Boateng and his wife Deaconess Esi Akuamoah Boateng of Antioch Assembly, after several years of marriage were unable to have a child of their own. Persistent prayers were offered by the church in Oakland for several years but the miracle was still not in view. But to the glory of God, on the 31st of December 2015, just about 3hrs before the New Year, God finally allowed the expectation of the righteous to be seen. Deaconess Esi Akuamoah Boateng gave birth to a beautiful girl at the age of 51 years. The baby girl has been named “Adom”.