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Recorded In Western Region

1. Dcns Ivy Brown of PIWC-Los Angeles who had been married for 11 years and doctors had determined that she will not be able to conceive was prayed for during the 2014 Demolition week and authentic prophetic declarations made to her situation. The prophecy stated that she was going to give birth to a baby boy in 2015 and that the boy should be called Joseph. Thanks to God Sister Ivy Brown has indeed given birth to a bouncy baby Joseph.

2. Sister Josephine Quartson of Dallas District was involved in an accident that resulted in another driver losing a leg to amputation. The victim demanded a $100,000.00 in a lawsuit, to which the insurance company agreed to pay a partial amount of $30,000.00 and our sister had to come up with a big sum of money out of her pocket. The Church prayed and prayed and after a year of legal battle, God intervened and the insurance company finally paid the full amount to the victim. Glory be to God.

3. Sister Eunice Pokuaa of Dallas District was involved in a fatal accident, her car was totaled and chainsaw was used to cut her out of the vehicle. According to the paramedics and other service staff, she should not have survived the crash, yet miraculously, she escaped death without a scratch. This is God’s doing. Amen

4. Brother George Kpoga of Dallas District suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed on the right side. His wife notified the Church during a Friday evening service and was prayed for. The wife got home after the service to find her husband miraculously healed. The wife later determined that her husband got healed at the very hour he was being prayed for by the church of God. What a wonderful God!

5. Brother Brian Dekyi of Dallas District, on his way to 2015 Easter convention had a fatal car accident after his car flipped over several times before it went over the bridge. Brian’s leg was severely broken many times leaving him bedridden for almost a year. The church of God prayed and Brian has been miraculously healed. Even his doctors were shocked at his last appointment. Brian came to church this December for thanksgiving, wearing shoes and walking again. Our God is a God of wonders.

6. Sister Elsie Bebey who had a chronic heart condition and insomnia was healed of both conditions when she was prayed for by the church. She had an appointment with her doctor who gave her a clean bill of health.

7. Bro. Solomon Oteng of Las Vegas Assembly received the baptism of the Holy Spirit after 20 years of yearning and prayer.

8. Madam Adelaide Ayirebi of Phoenix Assembly was declared cancer free by the doctors after the church prayed fervently for her healing.

9. Sister Margaret Level was touched by God to give a donation to renovate the District Mission House. In barely two (2) weeks, she gave a testimony that the Lord had miraculously multiplied the amount she donated back to by seven times.

10. Sister Mercy Kwenotey of El Paso Assembly offered to cater for all the participants to the Christmas Convention to the El Paso Christmas Convention for free. Right after the convention, a man who introduced himself as a missionary told the sister that God has instructed him to give our sister money. To her surprise, the amount she received was exactly the amount she had spent to cater for the participants. Give and it shall be given to you.

11. Sister Rita Odoi of Phoenix Assembly who was diagnosed with a rare condition where the abdominal muscles started separating from each other was completely healed when the church raised intensive prayer for her.

12. Bro. Charles Okonko of Phoenix Assembly who was out of job for more than two years has just got a new job by the grace of God and the prayers of the saints.

13. Sister Karene Beechem of Sacramento PIWC who reported of high rate of heart beat and general weakness, miraculously healed after the saints had prayed. Thanks be to God.