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Recorded In Chicago Region

13. Mr. Ampofo became sick and fell into comatosis for 3 weeks; he was diagnosed with brain aneurysm but through the prayers of the saints he recovered fully. Praise be to our God

14. Elder Tandoh, Elder Arhin and Mrs Arhin were saved from death when the church van they were travelling in to Chicago was involved in a fatal accident. They all walked away with just bruises and scratches but the van was completely destroyed

15. God averted a surgery on Crystal Chow, indeed we had prayed at Spiritual Clinic that God should prevent the surgery from taking place. He healed him before the surgery, just as believers prayed.

16. Abraham Bronnie who traveled to Ghana almost went to the Goil filling station that exploded and killed many on June 3rd. The church had prayed for him before he traveled. Indeed the lord orders the steps of the righteous

17. Bro. of Columbus Central was taking care of His client at her home, when a gun man drove by and fired seven bullets into the room where he was targeting the patient. The bullets flew all around the brother but he miraculously escaped death. He rendered thanks to the Lord and attributed his deliverance to intense prayers against death when the Church gathered for Miracle Service the Monday before the incidence.

18. Sister Cynthia Safu-Adu of the Columbus Eastside Assembly was diagnosed with a Kidney problem and scheduled for surgery after several tests. After seriously praying and asking for God's intervention, the Kidney problem disappeared after her final tests before the scheduled surgery. To God be the glory.

19. The District Children’s leader, Deaconess Sheila Makala of Indiana District woke up one morning to get ready to send her children to school, but she could not move her body or talk. Her children knocked at her bedroom door several times with no response. The emergency team was called, broke into her bedroom and found her lying in bed helpless. She was flown from South Bend to Chicago due to the nature of her situation. According to the medical report, she had a blood clot in her brain and the doctor said she had stroke. The church engaged in prayer and fasting for this dear sister and by God’s grace she has been restored and back at her post.

20. During the Christmas Convention at Minnesota Makayla Takyiwah Eshun was taken ill, and was to be rushed to the emergency room but during the prayer session, the child was miraculously healed.

21. Miss Theresa Beeko who had finished her nursing degree few years before the Pittsburgh Church came into town, had not been able to pass the NCLEX exam. Through the prayers of the saints she wrote this past July, 2015 and the grace of God found her. This time she passed and is employed. Praise God!

22. Mr. Al Merritt the administrator who manages the Pittsburgh assembly’s rented property was diagnosed of cancer. We lifted up prayers on his behalf and praise God after a couple of months became cancer-free. Halleluyah!

23. Angelina Smith a deaconess in Akron, through God’s grace received a free and successful kidney transplant. Glory be to God.

24. Three of our members Albert Agyei, Elizabeth Owusu Akyaw (Convert since 70's), and Dorothy Ayitey of North Assembly and Chicago PIWC respectively, who had sought to have the baptism of the Holy spirit spoke in tongues for the first time at our Christmas convention. Glory be to God.

25. A Sister, Martha Ayitey, of Chicago PIWC had postpartum psychosis (Mental Disorder) after delivering her child. By God's grace the prayed for her and she has recovered fully.