AdminFebruary 05, 2016Spectacular, Events

Recorded In Chicago Region

1. Deaconess Cynthia Amo-Broni of Romeoville Central who was suffering from body itch that makes her restless with sleepless night. All efforts to medications and treatments have not worked but was miraculously healed through the prayer of the saints.

2. A brother (Mr. Osei) who was tormented by evil spirits and could hear people following him wherever he goes for the past 6 months was saved when he visited our Wednesday morning prayers at Romeoville. He is now free.

3. Mr John Duah’s son was sentenced to 90 days jail for an alleged offence of the child. For three years, lawyers’ interventions had not succeeded, the case was still pending. The night before the boy was to start his sentence, the church prayed and the following day the case was presided over by a new judge who cancelled the jail sentence. To God be the Glory.

4. Madam Rosemary Agyekum of Romeovile was diagnosed of a serious eye problem which was to make her blind. After prayers she had another checkup and her eyes are in good condition now without any blindness

5. Ken Akuamoah was pronounced cancer free after five years of battling with cancer of the bones.

6. Sister Violet Simpeney who had a tumor received a miraculous healing after an intensive prayer by the church.

7. Brother Dotse who had issues with his residence papers after fasting and prayers received a letter from his employers to submit his papers to the human Resource with immediate effect. By the next morning after intense prayers, he received another email from the Department of home land security that his paper has been approved – less than 24hrs. Our God knows how to fight our battles for us.

8. Dns Ama Mills who also had battled with deportation problem for (8) years, finally had the case cancelled and papers approved

9. Brother of Columbus Central was taking care of His client at her home, when a gun man drove by and fired seven bullets into the room targeting the patient. The bullets flew all around the brother but he miraculously escaped death. He rendered thanks to the Lord and attributed his deliverance to intense prayers against death when the Church gathered for Miracle Service the Monday before the incidence.

10. Sister Cynthia Safu-Adu of the Columbus Eastside Assembly was diagnosed with a Kidney problem and scheduled for surgery after several tests. After seriously praying and asking for God's intervention, the Kidney problem disappeared after her final tests before the scheduled surgery. To God be the glory.

11. Two members, Victoria Acheampong and Victoria Addo were miraculously saved from near fatal car accidents. The vehicles they were each driving in were completely destroyed but they walked away without a scratch.

12. Mr. Oris Rising who was facing threats and intimidation from a supervisor at the work place was able to secure his job through prayers and the supervisor was fired.