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Recorded In Washington Region

1. Deaconess Regina Koranteng was nearly involved in a terrible car accident but as she shouted Jesus, the truck which would have crashed into her car miraculously diverted from her course. To God be the Glory.

2. Wala, a brother in the church, was involved in a car accident and his car was totaled but he escaped without bodily injury.

3. Brother Herbet Pepprah got his green card after long wait and prayers.

4. Our sister Linda Nyarko gave birth to a baby boy but unfortunately the baby aspirated meconium and stopped breathing. He needed life support to have his blood pressure up and be able to breath. The doctors lost hope, and even thought he might have sustained brain injury but our Jehovah Raphael is forever faithful. After much prayer, the baby and mother are now home safely with no complications.

5. A sister in her mid-40’s, childless and who doctors had declared will not give birth, came to our church for prayers and exactly a year later gave birth to a baby girl.

6. Our Sister Deaconess Karen Boamah was instantly healed during the just ended Christmas convention from an excruciating nerve pain in her leg which had previously made it difficult for her to walk.

7. Dr. Atta, a member of Richmond Assembly, had an eye infection that had gone on for some years in his life. But during the 2015 Christmas convention he was healed.

8. Elder Sylvester Adjei had a loan forgiveness of about $50,000.00 from his bankers.

9. Mrs. Mavis Amoah’s daughter fell unconscious and unresponsive after school in her room. When Mrs. Amoah found her, the Holy Spirit told her not to give up. She obeyed and provided CPR to her daughter until she opened her eyes before the ambulance arrived. The daughter is alive and kicking to the glory of the Lord.

50. This is the testimony of Mrs. Alberta Derkyi, a member of PIWC, Maryland. Her son was born 6 weeks earlier than his due date and was admitted in the NICU for a while. Whilst there, the doctors realized that he had a valve that was blocking all his urine from coming out when he urinates. Part of his urine was refluxing back to his kidneys causing them to swell. After discharge from the NICU, we were asked to go for a test at children's National and he was immediately admitted and had to do an emergency surgery because his kidneys were getting swollen due to the urine that was refluxing. Surgery was done and prior to that, the doctors said his bladder was thick so he may still not be able to get all his urine out so he would have to be on antibiotics for at least a year, may have to give him some blood pressure medicine along the way, some sodium bicarb, phosphate  and other stuffs. Nephrologist and urologist are following him closely.  They said this disease is not really common but it happens to males only. We believed in God not to have a second surgery because that's what the doctors said they might do since he was premature when they did the initial one and also for him to be off medication.  God has been faithful. His healing power has healed our son. Not only was he stopped from taking antibiotics after one month but during our six months check up, his kidneys and bladder looked like he didn't have any disease at all. The urologist now says he shouldn't come back till he's two instead of every six months. The Nephrologist is still seeing him every six months but his lab work has been good every time we go for appointment. God the healer had really been faithful. We stood on proverbs 3:5 to pray and he has indeed been faithful. We thank God for this deliverance. Amen!