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Recorded In New York Region

21. The Lord was gracious to the church by saving Sister Anita Anokwa and her daughter of the Worcester Central Assembly from a fatal accident on the Worcester New York City route. The vehicle was totaled and the emergency people had to cut the vehicle into pieces to get them out and be able to save them.

22. Mrs. Ama Donnelly of Hartford District was in Paris during the recent terrorist attacks. The Lord by His grace saved her from the deadly attack. She left one of the sites and in less than two minutes, the place was attacked.

23. Dns. Linda Aidoo (Hartford District) and her sister were hit by an eighteen wheeler Tractor Trailer Truck. Although she suffered Intracranial Bleed in the brain and spent several months in ICU, she is completely healed and had started working. Glory be to God.

24. A member of PIWC Boston, (name withheld) who was a full Muslim was won for the Lord and fully committed to following the Lord. She was baptized in water by immersion and also in the Holy Ghost within three months of accepting the Lord and endeavors to follow the Lord with superior zeal for the Lord.

25. The son of Sis. Felicity Boateng of Boston Central, Sammy,had left home for a number of years and was travelling round the world on a path that could ruin his destiny. However Jesus visited him, as the family and Church prayed and he miraculously decided to come back home. He returned and gave his life to Christ at the Regional Easter Convention.

26. On November 8, 2015 after church service, as the Asare Dankwah family of Boston Central was driving home, another vehicle crashed into them at a rotary, totally destroying their car. All four passengers in their car escaped with minor bruises. We give all the glory to God.

27. Deacon Fredua Boakye of Boston Central was trusting God for college sponsorship. By the grace of God he was awarded a scholarship for four year degree at Umass Lowell.

28. Bro. Winston of Lowell District had a problem with his eyes and was to be operated on but the children of God prayed and God restored his sight. His wife who was at the mental home facility for over 4yrs was discharged home to join the husband when the church leaders were led to bless the Lord’s Supper and be given to her.

29. Brother Collins Osei (Lowell District) was instantly healed of a stiff wrist during a prayer session at the Christmas Convention.

30. Sister Gina Abankwa (Lowell District) was instantly healed of numbness in her legs during a Tuesday morning prayer meeting.