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11. Dcn. Acheampong, while driving around 5am on one Tuesday morning dosed off behind the wheel and the “car skidded off the Highway; somersaulting couple of times into the embankment and through it to the other side of the same embankment with the car landing upside down. After managing to call 911, the emergency team passed the place of the accident several times and couldn’t locate my car due to the darkness and location of the car; I had to climb out of the car and up from the embankment. The amazing thing is that the police couldn’t comprehend how the car got to that location and how I got out without a scratch on my body”. Glory to God for saving our dear brother from the crutches of death.

12. Mrs. Maggie of Bethel Assembly testified that her children were scheduled to receive American visas but the night before their journey to Accra for their appointment they nearly died. But God stepped in and aborted the plan of the devil. That fateful night she said the lights in their town went off as has become the norm in most Ghanaian communities in recent times. Not wanting to remain in the darkness her children decided to go and take their bath so that they could set off for Accra very early. Minutes after they went to the bathroom, the roof of their bedroom caved in meaning that if they had been in the room at that time they would have been buried under the rubble and died.

13. On December 31st 2014, Mr. Emmanuel Adade and wife, Mrs. Alice Adade of Yonkers Assembly were praying for their second child after 18 years of having their first one. Glory be to God that as the year 2015 ended, they had their second baby.

14. Mr. Emmanuel Ocquaye Duncan who was down and diagnosed with stroke in the brain and was told by Doctors that it will be 6 months to a year to have his psychomotor skills returning is up walking and talking after the church prayed through the days of his attack.

15. Mrs. Monica Yiadom diagnosed of lymphoma has been cleared after she reported her case and the church prayed.

16. Madam Elizabeth Atakora who came to church crying because doctors had detected cancerous cells was prayed for and subsequent tests have cleared her.

17. Sister Evelyn Adu Bonsu who had post-partum paralysis – a condition in which she was unable to walk or take care of herself and the newly born baby has now recovered fully and is able to attend church by God’s grace.

18. Brother Kenneth Adusei of the Worcester Central Assembly received a full scholarship funding to attend Yale University.

19. Bro. Kwabena Sarfo of Worcester Central Assembly was miraculously healed from cancer.

20. Tamara Engmann, the daughter of Eld. Daniel Engmann was miraculously and naturally healed from six holes in her heart