AdminFebruary 05, 2016Spectacular, Events

Recorded In Atlanta Region

1. Elder Amponsah, Atlanta Central-PIWC Presiding Elder had a mild stroke and ended up in ICU. Upon examination, the Surgeon recommended a brain surgery, which he said, will cause more damage. The Elder kept his faith whiles the Saints were praying. In short, The Lord miraculously healed our Elder who walked out of the Hospital without a surgery. The Doctor’s said he was the luckiest among the worse but we call it a Spectacular Event.

2. A Super Duper Miracles that God has done in the history of the church in Atlanta Metropolitan, all the graduated high school students who left for college returned to church. They are fully committed and are on fire for the Lord. Some of the previous graduates who left for other Churches have come back. This has reflected in the attendance of their parents. We are thankful to the Lord for his revival.

3. Mrs. Evelyn Acheampong of Atlanta Central Assembly has been looking for the fruit of the womb for the past 5 years of their marriage. According to doctors she has both Fallopian tubes blocked making it impossible to procreate. The brethren made an Intercessory prayer for her. She visited the hospital for a checkup and was told that one of the tubes is opened. The brethren continued praying and after six weeks, she felt weak and starting vomiting. She visited the hospital again and was told that she is pregnant. To God be the glory. Amen

4. Sister Tina Egyah-Ansah and Brother Kenneth Egyah-Ansah of PIWC-Charlotte had been waiting on the Lord for 3 years for a baby. During one of the Communion services on Sunday, Pastor instructed all those looking for children to place their hand on their stomach as they take the communion and believe God for a miracle. They did exactly that and Sister Tina found out that she was pregnant the following month. By the grace of God she gave birth to a baby boy this year. To God be all the glory.

5. Sister Jennifer Adjei of PIWC-Charlotte graduated from Pharmacy School without having to take a loan in the midst of dire financial challenges. We give all the glory to Jehovah Jireh our Provider.

6. Sister Ruth Seda of Charlotte PIWC collapsed on September 26th, 2015 and was rushed to the hospital. After the CT SCAN revealed that there was blood all over her brain, a major artery had ruptured in her brain (brain aneurysm which caused bleeding into the brain). The doctors had little hope for Sister Ruth to survive, but the Divine healing power of Jesus took over the surgery and healing process as the district engaged in prayer warfare. By the grace of God Sister Ruth had a speedy recovery and was discharged based on her strong faith and trust in God to heal her. This was a surprised discovery to the medical team as they confessed that, since she was admitted and during her presence on the Neuro-ICU floor, the death rate on the floor had ceased and they believed this was not a mere chance but only a miracle from above. She gives all glory to God.

7. Mr. Robert Azorlibu, who felt compelled to not enter a traffic intersection on a Yellow signal, uncharacteristically. However, right at the time he stopped at the intersection a multi-car collision in the middle of the intersection occurred a mere inches from where he stopped. By, God’s grace he was on scene as one of the first responders to help the affected victims.

8. God miraculously delivered Sister Ophelia Setsoafia from a near fatal accident but through divine protection, she walked away without any injury except a few scratches. The accident was so dangerous that the car she was driving went into someone else’s apartment and was totaled. She almost hit a pedestrian in the process but God saved the person.

9. In Orlando, a member, Bro. Kyei had a very terrible accident last year. He was in coma for about 6 hours at the same time his wife was having some pregnancy complications. The leadership of the church went to the emergency ward to check up on the situation before informing the wife. Upon reaching there, they were told his chance of gaining consciousness was very slim. They then launched into prayer (interceding for the brother). We were in the middle of prayers when his big toe started to shake. The Presiding Elder then asked them to intensify the prayers. As they started singing (UNTO THE LORD BE THE GLORY), he also started clearing his throat and singing as well. He was lost and didn’t know where he was. The doctors came in to confirm the situation. They told us even if he comes back to life, he will be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life because the spinal cord and some bones are broken. Our miracle working God once again performed His miracle on our Brother Kyei. He is now walking well, working very well without any issues, the wife also delivered peacefully. Glory be unto our Lord for the miraculous work done for brother Kyei.