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Recorded In New Jersey Region

13. Bro. ShadrackFrimpong, a student who recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia testified about how he won an award of $150,000 from the University to build a girls’ school and a clinic in his hometown, a village in Ghana. According to him he was among the five selected out of more than 5000 applicants. He also testified about how his parents were miraculously given visas to attend his graduation and award ceremonies. In addition, the University paid the round trip air fare and accommodation for his parents during their stay in the US.

14. Sister Georgina Tettehof Newark Central Assembly was diagnosed with mental breakdownand struggled for about 6 months, lost her job, green card and could not identify her own children. It deteriorated to the point where she would virtually destroyed all her household belongings. She was admitted at both New York and New Jersey psychiatric Medical Centers. The Lord delivered her as believers travailed in prayer for her.

15. Deacon Fred Aklassu of the Bear Assembly was miraculously promoted without him applying for the said position when the Company had already indicated their willingness to advertise the vacancy.

16. Deaconess Monica Duku was employed by a new Company with a raise in Salary and a higher position to manage after two weeks of prayers on changing jobs.

17. To the Glory of God, Bro. Nana Frimpong received his green card within three months of first application.

18. The Holy Spirit brought a vehicle being driven by Grace Arkoh of Bear Central to an abrupt halt at a T-Junction. Unknown to her, a long truck was speeding on the main road and had her vehicle moved beyond where it stopped, she would have been crushed to death.

19. Sister Stella Asiedu, the wife of Elder Peter Asiedu, former presiding elder of Trenton Central assembly has given birth to beautiful twin girls after 12 years of marriage .Sister Stella Asiedu had 2 major surgeries (one in Ghana and the other one over in America here)to remove fibroids from her womb. After the second surgery, she was told by the Doctor that her womb had been affected to the extent that there was no way she conceive because of the complication from the first surgery that was done in Ghana. However, they never gave up but still held on to their faith. Through persistent Friday morning and evening prayers at the local assembly, God has blessed her with to 2 bouncing baby girls, all to the glory of God.

20. Elder Philip BoatengOpoku and Mrs. Regina Opoku of Staten Island had been married since 2001 without a child. They have since believed God for the fruit of the womb. Mrs. Opoku underwent four major surgeries and doctors declared that she could not have a child through the natural process but advised invitro fertilization. Upon hesitation the Opoku’s obliged and went in for the invitro. They went through this expensive procedural three times without the desired results. They resorted to prayers. During the 2014 Christmas convention, there was a prayer for those who needed a child. Elder had a dream that night that an Apostle of the church told him that door was opened so he should keep on praying. Two month later during doctor’s visit, the promise of God was once again realized. On August 2015, after 13.5 years, the Lord blessed them with a bouncing baby boy. Jehovah Jireh is still in the miracle making business. Glory to His Name.

21. Sister Margaret Osei was the first person to appear on a car accident scene involving two young people, a driver and a passenger on his side. The passenger appeared dead, his body was turning blue and blood oozing out of his nose. She laid hands on him and began praying for about 5 minutes and suddenly she felt his pulse as he began to breathe again. She held him down till the paramedic came to the scene. The power of Jesus is still working in His church.

22. Deaconess Mary Afrakoma (Amama) received a phone call from a colleague whose friend had kidney disease. According to the doctors, one kidney had already shut down, and the second one was infected and deteriorating speedily. This individual did not speak Twi so there was a communication barrier between our sister and the patient. Deaconess Mary went ahead and prayed with him daily for about a week on the phone. When he went for a checkup the following week, both kidneys had been restored and fully functioning. This is a twofold miracle! Kidney healing and tongues speaking that sounded perfectly as English to the hearer. May the Lord be praised.

23. Presiding Elder of PIWC-Dover, Elder Eric Essien’sson suffered an injury to the arm. After extensive review and prognosis, the doctors’ solution was amputation of the arm. He was called to sign all the necessary documentation to commence the surgery. Members of the church fervently prayed and the child returned from the surgery with both hand intact. The shocking news was that, the doctors were so surprised at the turn of events in the theater and inquired if he’s Christian. He testified to them that he serves a living God who has the power to heal.

24. Deaconess Dorothy Arthur of Queens Assembly was hospitalized with Brain Aneurysm (caused by a brain tumor). The church interceded on her behalf and by the grace of God she was healed.

25. An Elder Kojo Asemanyi& his wife Lawrencia Asemanyi of Bear Assembly in Delaware have been blessed with a baby boy after10 years of marriage.