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Recorded In New Jersey Region

1. Deaconess Veronica Aryeetey of Paterson assembly was involved in a serious accident on highway with three cars. Although her car was totally damaged, she walked out with just a neck pain. The police officers present at the scene couldn’t understand how she walked out alive and no visible injury was seen. The Lord sent His angels to deliver her from death.

2. Deaconess Felicia Doe of Newark Central had been seeking the fruit of the womb for a long time. However, after many miscarriages much prayer, she become pregnant again and it held for the period. Close to the delivery day it was discovered by the medical team that she had a breech baby. The medical decision was to try to deliver the baby with an emergency caesarian operation as the last resort. To the glory of God the baby was able to change her position and was delivered safely and naturally without any operations.

3. Mrs. Mennia of Newark Central had a series of complications during her pregnancy. The doctors told her that the child will be mentally retarded so they should abort the pregnancy. There was a tag of war between two doctors about the fate of the unborn child. The family trusted God and told the doctors that they will never opt for abortion. Glory be to God she has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

4. The son of Deaconess Victoria Boateng was delivered from a fatal accident by God’s Grace. The car was damaged beyond repairs but the son had no injury.

5. The realtor of Deacon Richard Gyan owed him $1500 for about two years. The deacon had completely forgotten until in January while cleaning his old stack of letters he found the letter with information about the debt. He called the realtor who within less than two weeks sent him a check to cover that debt.

6. While trying to sort out an issue about finding a new school for her kids, Sis Linda Winful found herself suddenly without a job at the beginning of the year. She prayed about the situation and asked God to intervene. She was told that the hospital where she worked could hire her as a per diem worker but that was near impossible. But due to her continued faith in God, she got a call from her company. Two weeks later her employers offered her the job, thus allowing her to spend more time with her family.

7. Eld. Joseph Mustapha of PIWC East Orange had battled prostate cancer for years even to the point that he was a regular visitor to the emergency room. His doctors declared him having a short life span. Together with the church family and the Mustapha’s in intense prayer and holding on to their faith in God, he was eventually declared cancer free. His physicians were amazed at the results of the testing they did, which defied medical science and gave glory to God for his miraculous recovery.

8. Sis. Henrietta Love Gyamfi of Staten Island had a problem with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. She received a letter – Notice of Deficiency - that she owed the state of NY $3,037.60 from her 2012 tax year and a due date of 10/13/14 was given. She lifted the Notice of Deficiency up and prayed in confidence not to pay the debt. Having received less refund in 2014, she prayed also that the IRS would rather pay her back. After numerous correspondences with the NY state Taxation and Finance to no avail, whiles interest and penalties accrued, her miracle occurred. During a fundraising event in the Local church, she prayed on her offering and challenged God to give her a testimony concerning the debt. She received a letter in January 2015 stating that her lost mails had been found and that she did not owe the Department of Taxation and Finance but rather received a check of $697.00 back from the same department. We serve a living God.

9. Three students who had planned to commit suicide were all delivered by the power of God during the Jesus Camp program held by Buffalo District.

10. God miraculously inspired somebody to help one of our members who is an international student, Sister Rachel Boadi, to pay her past due tuition. Our sister had been praying to God for a miracle and a prophecy came that God would cause someone to help her no matter how hard the situation was. She had to pay the tuition in order to register for her following semester’s courses. When things looked like she was not going to make it, God sent somebody to help her pay over $10,000.

11. Mr. KwakuMarfo had been looking for a job for a long time but during one of our services, the preacher was lead to pray for him and he got a job offer two days after the prayer.

12. Deaconess Angela Amuzu’s student loan was cancelled after praying for debt cancellation.