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There were miraculous deeds of healings, unscathed accident reports, miraculous job offers, infertility breakthroughs and legal interventions wrought by God in various assemblies and during various programs in the Regions:

1. Brother Theophilus Cudjoe and his two (2) sisters were snatched from the very jaws of death. Right after church service on December 28, 2014 the brother’s car was hit from behind by a heavy duty truck, his car went over the curb of the church building and narrowly missed the two (2) sisters. If it had not been for the Lord who was on their side, the enemy would have swallowed them alive.

2. Sister Adwoa Laryea of San Diego who was about six (6) months pregnant, was involved in a serious car accident and doctors were concerned that she will lose the baby. After much prayer and assurances of God’s promises for her she was able to carry to the full term without any complications and delivered a bouncy baby girl Lordina.

3. Nana Owusu testifies about the goodness of God. A gunman approached Nana Owusu in an attempt to rob him. The gunman pointed the gun to his head and started shooting. The bullets miraculously went straight pass his head. The gunman continued shooting as the young man began to run. By the grace and power of God, he was not hit by any of the bullets until he found shelter. God is good.

4. Benjamin Agyeman (12 years) –youth went out to play basketball with some friends. One of the players asked him for the ball and he said no. The player pulled a gun he had brought to the court and shot three (3) times. Benjamin was shot in his hand. He later went through surgery to remove the bullet. With prayers of the church, he has recovered fully.

5. Elder Amoh- Mireku was robbed and his car taken from him during a traffic stop on his way to deliver checks to Bank America where he works. The car was found several days later with bank checks and his personal belongings intact. To God be the glory

6. Malcolm Kyereme (13years) testifies to God. A speeding car knocked down Malcolm on his way from school on December 15, 2014. He was airlifted to Cook’s Children hospital and the incident televised on the evening TV News, due to the severity of the accident. He had a broken arm, torn ligament on his right knee, loss of memory, and was unconscious. Malcolm was miraculously saved after much prayer. Malcolm came to church on December 31 Night service to testify. He said “I nearly died but God saved my Life”. To God be the glory. Amen

7. Our Elder Emmanuel Andoh was hunt down by the devil from day one when he set foot on the soil of Ghana for holidays in the month of April, his vehicle which he was driving with his wife after clearing it from the harbor never got home. It was overturned when they were almost home and the wife was hospitalized for several days. On their way from Ghana to the Ivory Coast on another occasion, the vehicle they were in; also went into ditch and two people sitting by his wife lost their lives. Whilst they were still in Ghana a coconut tree fell on their house bringing down almost half of the building. When he got to the United States, he had a call that their completed house in Takoradi has also caught fire, yet in all these The Lord saved them. Indeed, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, The Lord delivers him out of them ALL”

8. A forty six years old sister Mawuena Sokpor has been married for five (5) years without a child but has now been favored by God through prayers with two bouncing baby boys (twins). May His name be praised.

9. Brother Emmanuel Debgolo had fallen sick and was rushed to the Emergency Room. The Doctors detected his blood pressure was of a whooping 200/120 a number which per the Doctors usually results in a permanent blindness, stroke, brain aneurysm, paralysis or death. Notwithstanding, with intensive and travailing prayers, the brother is back to his normal health state with none of the suspected irreversible complications – as he was cleared medically on the results of the diagnostic brain CT scan test at the hospital. May our God be praised forever.

10. Bro Nick Rhodes who was in coma for some time regained consciousness after much prayer by the Church. He is now as fit as fiddle and going about his daily activities soundly. Glory to our God.