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51. Dn. Peter Ashiagbor miraculously received his green card when he was scheduled to appear in a Deportation court.

52. Brother George Hemans had been looking for job for a very long time. He came to the church service and shared his problem with the congregation. The church prayed for him and within weeks he received multiple job offers.

53. Joseph Amuzu was diagnosed with a whole in his heart and the Doctors declared that due to his age he could not recover however to the glory of God, he was taken to the Hospital after age 4 and was declared healed.

54. One of our children born to Kwesi and Afua Cobold was diagnosed with a disease that doctors said would prevent her from being able to walk. Through the prayers of the saints Janelle walked at 8 months and just turned 1 year old on December 12 walking into church.

55. Eddie Gyebi was hurt by shrapnel from a machine at work. The metal penetrated the hip of the brother and the doctors gave a slim chance of him being able to walk fully again. By God’s grace Eddie is well and walking and dancing to the Glory of God.

56. A sister, Kassandra Nelson, who went through a long period of serious demonic attacks including lack of sleep, destroying items in her home, being haunted by strange images day and night, and hearing voices day and night to leave her husband and go very far away received her deliverance. At present she sleeps soundly and peacefully. She also received water and Holy Ghost baptism thereafter.

57. Sister Lesley Boateng was praying in her room with a loud worship song. God told her to turn the music off and turn on her phone, which had been switched off. She obeyed the voice of God. In about 10 minutes, her phone rang from an unknown source and the caller surprisingly asked her, “Are you Lesley Boateng? And she answered yes, and the caller said, “The interview that we had with you on July 17 went very well and your resume was also very good but we want a second interview”. Sister Lesley said she had not sent any application or resume to that job, and had never interviewed with them. Moreover, on the said interview date she was in Ghana for her late father’s funeral. She discerned that God had given her that breakthrough so she went for the interview and by God’s grace she was hired and currently working with the company, where she is now being considered for a managerial position.

58. Elder Noah Asante’s mother had a mild stroke and was in coma at the hospital for 3 days but by God’s grace, he and his wife prayed for the mother on the phone and on that very day she was able to speak. Upon the Doctor’s examination and recommendation she was discharged the next day and is doing very well.