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41. Sister Comfort Boampong of PIWC Worcester is a nurse who trusted the Lord for a better Job at a particular hospital which was seemingly difficult to get into considering her experience. One day, she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to go to the hospital and talked to the director of nursing without prior appointment. She waited patiently for an hour and half to see the director who was not aware of her waiting. The director finally met with her and was enthused with her perseverance and spirit and was offered a position instantly without the usual interview procedures. This is a divine connection.

42. Sis. Kate Adarkwa of Boston had excruciating pains in her leg and had to use walking stick to keep her stable. She got healed during the Christmas Convention and threw her sticks off. Glory to God.

43. Maame Felicia Amankwaa of Hartford was hospitalized for a week with high sugar levels and nearly passed out but when the church prayed the Lord healed her and she is now in good health.

44. Brother Bernard Adusei Poku was involved in a fatal car accident totally destroying his car beyond repairs. He was sent to the hospital and was discharged the same day. However, he was rushed into the emergency room two weeks later with a severe chest pain. Upon examination the doctor decided he needed to undergo immediate surgery to relief the pain. The church engaged in intensive prayer and the pain miraculously vanished. Upon a second examination the doctors confirmed that everything was normal and the scheduled surgery was canceled. The brother has had no health problems since then.

45. Deaconess Victoria Boateng had an attack in a dream where two men had bound her and were injecting every part of her body with needles. When she woke up in the morning she realized there were contusions all over her body. Later on after the experience she had in her dream she began losing weight speedily. A visit to her doctor’s office revealed that she had cancer. Knowing what she had seen in her dream and believing it was a spiritual attack, she trusted God for her deliverance. After the church had fasted and prayed she went to the same doctor and after several tests done the team of doctors confirmed that all her test results were negative; Cancer had vanished from her body. She still doing very well.

46. The son of the Alimoh's family, a 3 year old was hit by an SUV and fell to the ground but God stopped the vehicle from running over him. He got up with no injuries on his body. We thank God for His grace and divine intervention

47. Deaconess Mary Dwumfour fell sick and sought medical care at the hospital. However, she almost got paralyzed due to a mistake by her doctor. She was bedridden for some time unable to walk. During one of the administrations of the Lord’s Supper to her, the presiding elder prayed for her that she would be healed the next day. That night, in her dreams, a man asked her to get up and walk. Lo and behold, it manifested in real life the following morning. She woke up and was able to walk and join brethren to prepare the sanctuary for the Christmas convention.

48. Deaconess Perpetual Annan of Staten Island Assembly had been married for 5 years. All attempts to have a child failed. But after the church had prayed, God miraculously intervened and she was able to conceive and now has a baby girl. Glory be to God.

49. Three of our members driving back from New Haven, tried to help some victims of an accident on the highway. During this good Samaritan act, a tractor trailer thus 18 Wheeler lost control and veered towards them at a speed of about 70mi/hr, miraculously two of them managed to escape without a scratch and the other Deacon Eric Mensah was hit by this truck supposedly flying him about 30 feet away from the position of impact. The car they were driving in was totaled but miraculously he fell on some wood shaving and although he sustained some injuries, it is still a mystery to the eyewitnesses and all who have seen the damage to the truck and wonder how he managed to come out of that without life threatening injuries. He is recovering very fast to the amazement of the medical team. Doctor Jesus is still in the miracle doing business. May His name be praised

50. Rev. and Mrs. Sackey-Hughes were blessed with a beautiful baby girl after 9 years of marriage.