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31. Again, Sister Gifty Manu, diagnosed with cancer in her system after prayers and double-check, she is cancer free to the glory of God.

32. In Atlanta District, Sister Elizabeth Obeng of Norcross bled for several weeks. She visited various doctors but the medications they gave her did not work. Every passing day she could feel her strength waning and desperate crying for help. She came for a prayer service during one of our monthly revivals. During the prayer session the Elder leading the prayers said if someone is sick they should place their hand on which ever part of their body that’s hurting or has the disease and ask God for healing. Sister Elizabeth Obeng said she faithfully believed the instruction and placed her hand on her stomach and began to pray. After the prayer session the bleeding stopped and she was completely healed on that day.

33. Again, Sister Tina Lawer of Norcross had a terrible accident on Old Norcross Road in Gwinnet County. A four-wheel truck at full speed hit her minivan. During the accident she had her three children and Sister Mary Owusu’s child in the car. Her minivan somersaulted twice and hit the embankment by the roadside. The van was heavily dented and completely totaled. Miraculously no one in the van was physically hurt.

34. Sis Betty Amankwah from Leominster, New England invited her friend, Mabel Ofori, who lost her first pregnancy, to church one Sunday and she got pregnant again. Due to complications in her pregnancy, her doctors had told her that they could not hear any movements of the baby in the womb and that she was going to lose the baby. After one Sunday service’s prayer session with the district pastor, the baby started moving and as at now, she has had a bouncing baby in the name of our Lord and master Jesus Christ.

35. Sister Samantha, a member of the English assembly of the Bronx Central reported that her Mom has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. The leaders of the church visited her many times and prayed for her. By the grace of God she is completely healed and declared cancer free by the physicians.

36. A member of the Rhode Island Assembly, Sister Joyce Adusei was diagnosed with cancer but through the church’s intercession in fasting and prayers. She has been healed by the God we serve.

37. Another Sister, during morning prayer session “Gethsemane Prayer Hour” in Rhode Island, Dinah Owusu was also diagnosed with cancer, and through fasting and prayers, and she has also been declared cancer free by her doctors.

28. In Albany, Mrs. Katamani received her healing during the Demolishing Week prayers from a nagging back pain which had bothered her for many years.

39. Dn. Andrew Germy of Bethel had a heart attack and according to the doctors 95% of such cases do not survive. But glory to God in the highest that our deacon’s life was spared and after spending one week in the Hospital, he was discharged, fully healed.

40. One Sister of the Boston District, Sis Esther was knocked down by a car and was at the point of death in a coma for several days, but the Church at the Local and the District level stood in and lifted a prayer to the Almighty God and she was brought back to life and has been healed completely. Glory to God.