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21. Sister Hilda of Lexington Assembly, who is in the health industry was facing prison time and loss of her professional license. The judge on numerous occasions rejected the plea of her attorney to cancel the prison time. Through fasting and prayer, the judge finally decided to cancel the prison time and never touched the license. Praise be to His name!

22. In Charlotte District, Sister Linda Oppong was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through a series of surgeries until she became cancer free. She later found another lump suspected to be another cancer growth. The leaders prayed with her and when she went back for a checkup, the result was confirmed to be negative.

23. Sister Rose Manu of Charlotte Central was diagnosed with cancer and hospitalized for 8 months. According to the doctors, she was not expected to survive. Her weight decreased from 163 pounds to 63 pounds. After much prayer, she has fully recovered to the glory of God.

24. Deaconess Nina Adjei of PIWC, Charlotte (wife of Elder Prince Adjei), suffered a number of strange miscarriages after giving birth to their first son about 8 years ago. After seeking medical help and also undergoing two in vitro fertilizations (IVFs), she was declared barren and incapable of producing viable eggs. Doctors informed her that there was nothing they could do for her anymore. However, through the prayer of the saints she conceived and gave birth to a baby girl. To God be all the glory.

25. In Baltimore District, Mr. & Mrs. Annon were involved multi-car collision. Her car and another car were damaged beyond repairs but by the Grace of God they were not hurt.

26. In Baltimore District, Sister Dora Adusei was struck by a car while going to work in the morning. Neighbors thought she was not going to survive because of the speed of the car but by the grace of God, she survived with a broken hand.

27. During the month of November Sister Vida Abrefi was admitted to the University of Maryland hospital’s intensive care unit with a very severe form of Pneumonia. Due to her rapidly deteriorating condition, she could no longer breathe on her own. Sister Vida was placed on ventilator support. Through the prayers of the Saints, God showed mercy! She has been healed, discharged and currently sings with the choir to the glory of God.

28. A sister in Greensboro District, Mrs. Beatrice Asenso, suffered a critical illness requiring a 5-week stay in the ICU. The doctors were guarded about the prognosis, and feared that this was not a survivable illness. However, the Almighty God intervened to preserve the life of our sister.

29. 29. In Florida District, one of our Local assemblies was blessed with a miraculous gift of $40,000 from a member of the church who wishes to remain anonymous. This gift came at a time when we were going through financial crises concerning our church building and place of worship. Indeed we cried onto the Lord and he heard us.

30. In Maryland District, Deaconess Eunice Agyapong, developed tumors but after prayers she is now cancer free to God’s glory.