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11. Sister Fanny Mensah’s long cherished dream of becoming a law enforcement officer was miraculously realized after several failed attempts made almost frustrated her from going forward. This is a rare occurrence especially for immigrants.

12. Sister Christiana Kallon had a problem at work which required them to either fire her or write her up. But upon prayer she was rather given more hours without even a verbal warning.

13. Sister Femba and the Family were delivered from the power of darkness that had tormented their family for years in series of inexplicable phenomena. The family has now become members of the Elk Grove Assembly.

14. Sis. Regina Abu was healed of cancer during the Easter Convention in Las Vegas.

15. Dcn. Ernest Adjei prayed for a coworker who was married for about 10yrs without a baby and by the grace of God the woman conceived.

16. Brother Samuel Amankwaa of Columbus Central Assembly collapsed and fell in snow for about five hours at temperature of minus 10 degrees. But by the grace of God, someone found him in comma in his drive way the following morning and called police. The church prayed fervently and he recovered from the coma after five days.

17. Brother George Adams of the Eastside Assembly in Columbus survived a terrible car accident. The car in which he was involved in the accident caught fire. When he realized he had been in an accident, he was out of the car and saw it burning in flames.

18. Sister Felicia Aidoo of the Mckeown worship Center received a prognosis that she would live for barely two months if she would not undergo surgery after a diagnosis revealed that she had a brain tumor. However, Apostle Samuel K. Arthur and Pastor Michael Amoako led the church public on a 3-day fasting and prayer journey. To the amazement of all, the MRI taken just prior to the scheduled surgery did not locate the tumor. Glory!

19. Bro Frederick Odame of Cincinnati Assembly, who managed a portfolio of $100,000 for a Big Financial institution was promoted to oversee a million Dollar Portfolio. Shortly thereafter and without an interview he was promoted to manage a Billion dollar portfolio.

20. Sister Nana Boafo from the Cincinnati central assembly who was in her final PhD semester miraculously crossed a huge obstacle that stood in her way to graduation. A professor, who reviewed all final research theses before candidates could graduate refused to accept her research paper even after sitting down with the member to plan the research and review it along the way. Through fasting, prayer and offering, the said professor resigned from her position. By the grace of God, the research paper was accepted by the Dean and faculty who rated it as the best research paper thereby paving the way for her graduation.