AdminFebruary 05, 2016Spectacular, Events

1. In Florida District, an Indian (Hindu) lady came to a pharmacy shop owned by one of the Elders to pick up her medication. During a conversation, she disclosed that, she had high fever which had resulted in total blindness in her left eye and partial blindness in her right eye. After sharing her ordeal, the elder offered to pray with her and also share the Gospel. After the prayer, the lady left the shop only to return shortly shouting and confessing of an instant healing of both eyes. In her joy and amazement, she lifted both hands, and accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. The sister is now able to read and see with both eyes; and has since joined the church fellowshipping at the Tallahassee assembly.

2. Deaconess Gladys Ama Brentuo of Richmond Assembly, who had been seeking for permanent residence for over 10 years without success, and was getting ready to relocate to Ghana for good. On January 26, after our annual prayer and fasting, she miraculously received her Green Card in the mail. This was a great breakthrough for the church.

3. Deaconess Grace Boakye of Charlotte Central Assembly started having pains in her left breast, which she initially misunderstood to be due to her physical exercise with dumbbells. When the pains persisted, she went to the hospital in fear due to the fact that her mother is a breast cancer survivor. After a series of mammograms and other tests, cancer was confirmed and she was scheduled for chemotherapy. As she continued praying intensely and believing God for a supernatural touch, she received two confirmations that she had been healed. One Monday, during the intercessory prayers, she felt a nudge on her shoulder and a voice said she had been healed. While praying at home also, she saw someone in a trance handing her something like sand in a bowl assuring her that she had been healed and must go back for another test. After insisting on another test, she continued praying intensely while waiting for the results. Finally her doctor called her and told her that the results came back negative, meaning there was no cancer.

4. A nine-year-old boy Joseph Brako Jr. lost his father in December 2013. Just after the lost of his father, he began fainting almost every other day. The Doctors diagnosed him with a heart enlargement that happened to be the same sickness that killed his father. Her mother brought him to be prayed for during the Christmas convention. By the Grace of God, he has been completely healed after being prayed for and the Doctors have ruled out any possibility of heart enlargement. Joe is now a happy boy going back to school.

5. In Maryland, Sister Karen Asher was told during her pregnancy that she will lose her life if her baby was not delivered prematurely. Again, the church interceded as she acted on faith to keep the baby to the full term of her pregnancy and to the glory of God she and her baby made it to the end of the pregnancy period successfully.

6. Aberdeen Assembly in Baltimore held a week of fasting and prayer for one of our brothers Ernest Marfo who was wrongfully incarcerated. Through the fervent prayers of the saints of God, the Lord listened to our prayers; he was released and all charges were dropped.

7. In Florida, for over two years the Sunday school building project could not be completed due to $10,000 that the City of Tampa was demanding for construction permit to be issued. The church was unable to raise the said amount and numerous pleas to the City did not change the situation. Miraculously, one day in April a visit to the same city office resulted in City agreeing to waive the fee paving the way for the project to continue and completed.

8. Dr. (Mrs.) Dokou of Maryland District was shocked by the blessings of God when she received a call from someone to tell her that all her student loan, totaling over two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000), had been fully paid for. These are the doings of the Lord and they are marvelous in our sight and in our ears. To him alone be praise and glory forever more.

9. In Virginia, Sister Lily Akuoko was rushed to the hospital through the EMT with a helicopter. The assessment of the medical team was dire with the possibility of fatality. When the people of God prayed for her during one of our Spiritual Clinic meetings, she came around from coma and the blood clot in the brain was dissolved without the need for a surgery as was recommended by the medical team. Again in Virginia, Sister Eunice Bamfo who did not know she was having a cardiac attack was able to drive safely to the Emergency Room. A diagnosis confirmed that there was blood clot in the heart that required a treatment that could lead to massive stoke or complete paralysis. The church prayed for her, and the Lord intervened and she was totally healed without any complications. To God all be the glory!

10. Our sister Mary Abgeletey fell at her work place, and later fell into coma as a result of her injuries. After five months of intensive prayers, the Lord healed her. She is now doing better, able to see and talk through His divine intervention.