AdminFebruary 05, 2016Spectacular, Events

61. Brother Peter Andrews Eshun who was on deportation miraculously received a green card from an application which was denied ten years ago. This happened after he had given everything in his bank account as offering during the Signs and Wonders Prayer Summit. He received a letter to come for finger prints the next day and got his green card two week later.

62. Sister Dina Acheampong, who had a huge financial challenge and a daughter about to go to college, gave the money meant for her mortgage as an o ffering. A day after the offering, someone who owed her a large amount of money for years telephoned and paid her back. In addition, her daughter received a full scholarship for her undergraduate and master’s studies.

63. Deaconess Patricia Quainoo, who was diagnosed with a serious heart disease, was miraculously healed after intensive prayer to the surprise of her doctor.

64. By the grace of God, sisters Junior Pfumojena and Evelyn Acquaah were blessed with the fruit of the womb for the first time after waiting for 5 and 7 years respectively.

65. Elder Adrian Gaspard, the former Presiding Elder for Maplewood PIWC, miraculously escaped from a serious car accident just two days before the 2013 Easter convention when the church was observing a seven-day period of intensive prayer and fasting.