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51. In Bronx English Assembly, Brother Tawiah was sick with swollen leg for months without any cause. Doctors could not diagnose what the cause was hence difficult to determine appropriate medication but the Lord visited the brother after series of prayer and today he is well.

52. Elder and Mrs. Osei Tutu of Bethel Assembly were blessed with twin girls after twenty years in waiting. Also, one Mr. and Mrs. Addo of the same assembly were blessed with a baby boy after 11 years of marriage.

53. Brother Anim of Bronx Central was arrested and charged with immigration fraud in 2011. The judge ruled that he should be deported in 2012 which was appealed. After many top immigration lawyers have refused to take his case we resorted to what we know best which is prayer. Miraculously, one early morning he was called and asked to leave the prison within two hours without reason. As of this report, the immigration officers have not been able to assign the reason why he was released. More importantly, his citizenship and all documents related to his stay in America have been restored back to him after they were revoked as pronounced by the judge. Indeed the Lord who freed Peter from jail is still alive and doing the same in our time.

54. Brother Nana Kofi Chicago Central assembly was robbed at gun point in Chicago South but miraculously escaped with his clothes torn only.

55. Sister Gina from Chicago Central also testified to the glory of God while driving to pick her son up after a Church picnic, she heard a voice at an intersection calling her name; “Gina, stop!” immediately after the car stopped an oncoming car hit a pedestrian and threw him right in front of her car. She left the scene unscratched to the glory of God.

56. Brother Daniel Osei Owusu in the Chicago North Assembly visited Ghana and on his return to the US, a friend gave him a luggage to carry for him. However, just before he left Tema, God gave him a revelation that the luggage contained illegal substance. After confronting his friend about the luggage, it turned out that it was truly loaded with an illegal substance.

57. Other Members also experienced breakthroughs in the form of healing, employment opportunities, restoration of broken marriages and immigration mostly after attending the District’s Monthly Spiritual Clinic, District breakthrough Conference and “Women in The Gap.”

58. A brother from Cincinnati who was diagnosed with cancer was miraculously healed through prayer and the doctor could not trace any root of the disease after reviewing the pathological report.

59. A member at Frankfort assembly who was also diagnosed with a serious deadly disease was healed by the grace of God through prayer.

60. A member who was on deportation due to immigration charges was granted a Permanent Residence through God’s intervention.