AdminFebruary 05, 2016Spectacular, Events

41. Ovr. John & Mrs Irine Owusu were attacked at gun point by two armed robbers at a Walmart Shop the very first week they step foot in Sacramento as District Overseer but as they started praying the armed robbers fled without taking a thing. We give glory to the Lord for His unwavering protection upon their lives.

42. Sister Fataba had her license revoked by the government after a report was made against her for child abuse by a relative but after two weeks fasting and prayer, without any court appearance or hiring a lawyer her license was reinstated. Oh what a miracle. We give glory to the Lord Almighty.

43. Bro. Jose who was on the brink of attempting suicide after his estranged wife had left him, received the Lord when we knocked on his door to share a gospel tract. He is now a member of the assembly.

44. Sis. Anabella, a member of the Houston Spanish Assembly who decided never to go to church again because her 21 years old son was shot in cold blood, accepted the Lord and joined the church during a door to door visitations embarked by the Outreach Team.

45. Bro. Raphael, also a member of the Houston Spanish Assembly, an alcoholic, a professed drug user received the Lord at the parking lot of the meat market near the church and is now a member of the assembly.

46. Child Birth and Healing: Dcn. Joseph and Sister Mary Awuah of Rhode Island were blessed with a baby girl after six years of marriage. This came to pass through incessant prayers of the church and the new parent’s regular attendance at the Gethsemane Prayer Service in Rhode Island.

47. Sister Mary Agyeiwaah of Worcester central who was diagnosed with cancer has been miraculously healed through fasting, prayers and the intercession of the church.

48. Divine Healing: Sis. Kate Adarkwa of Boston Central had a painful lump develop in her body that was deemed cancerous. She also had a chronic back problem and had to use a walking stick to support her walking. During the District’s Maximum Impact Prayer Summit, (21 Day Fast), she fasted and and gave a special seed believing God. After the prayers, the back ache left and she was straightened to walk without a stick. She also went to the Hospital for checkup and the lump was gone. The scheduled surgery was also cancelled to the glory of God.

49. Child Birth: Sis Juliana Baah of Lowell Assembly was blessed with a baby boy after more than 8 miscarriages. To God be the glory.

50. Sister Mary Boampong of Springfield who has never had a child since marriage of five years gave birth to a baby girl after fervent prayers. Also at Hartford Central sister Georgina testified how the Lord miraculously provided her a good sum of money the next week after coming forward for prayer at our Thursday Prayer tower. Others have their jobs in Springfield after intercessions.