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31. Sister Elizabeth Russel of LA Central Assembly who had heart complications was healed when the Church cried to God to spare her life..

32. Sister Helena Affum of LA Central was involved in a terrible accident and a look at the mangled and the fact that the sister made it alive without any injuries testify to God’s power to save.

33. Brother Adjei Duah of Riverside Assembly had closed from work. On his way home he was shot at a very close range by an unknown assailant. By the grace of God, he miraculously survived and is doing remarkably well. Our God reigns indeed!

34. Sister Rita Amponsah of San Bernardino Assembly was cured of cancer when the leadership of the Church prayed with her.

35. Elder Derrick Ayirebi and wife, after 14 years of marriage and discouraging reports from the doctors they were finally blessed with a child.

36. Bro. Solomon and Sis. Janet Manmarah were also was blessed with a child after 4years of different complications. We bless the Lord

37. Sister Suzzie Robertson who came to the United States with her husband and was kicked out of her marital home leaving her with a questionable immigration status. This also happened when she was just recovering from a major surgery done. Through much prayer she received her green card and is totally healed from the pains that she felt.

28. Elder Charles Bempong who had travelled to Ghana for his father’s funeral was miraculously saved from the hands of armed robbers when he passed by the said armed robbers seconds before they blocked the road and robbed the vehicles that were behind him .

39. Sister Cynthia Oden who was diagonosed with fibriod during her pregnancy was miraculously healed by the Lord just after she had delivered. The doctors were astounded to discover that the said fibriod had vanished.This was after prayers had been offered to the Lord by the saints.

40. Sister Elizabeth Quaye who had given up hopes of living again due to her protracted illness was miraculously healed by the Lord after the saints had offered up prayers for her at the Hospital. Indeed she had prior to the prayers called her children to her bedside and given them her parting words.