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21. Our mother, Gladys Oforiwaa was given 3 days to live by medical doctors due to no brain activity God has miraculous interceded and she has is now doing very well.

22. In reference to the tornado that struck Oklahoma City claiming the life of over 90 people including school children. Sister Mina Okuadjo and her three children were in the school building which has its roof collapsed and swept away, but all four of them were found alive around 11:00pm by the rescuers with few bruises and body aches. It is a miracle since we all panic when the entire family could not be reached.

23. Sister Slyvia Nketia with kidney problem that has bothered her for over 6 years was healed.

24. Brother William Nkansah was miraculously delivered from 3 armed robbers at gun point. The arm robbers took him at gun point in his car and drove for several blocks before he miraculously escaped from their hands.

25. Sister Bertha Frimpong, delivered a healthy baby against all medical odds. Doctors discovered a blot clot in her womb at her first trimester,  giving her 90% chance to die and also lose the baby or has a deformed baby. Complications left her paralyzed on her left side, bed ridden and bleeding throughout her pregnancy. She insisted that “Doctor Jesus” can heal her, and refused her doctor’s advice to abort the baby. With prayer, her faith in God, the clot disappeared  and she gave birth naturally. Her doctor’s (gynecologist-over 20 years’ experience) own words “this is a miracle, none of the babies nor the mother survives”. Her baby is healthy without any deformation.

26. Sister Lydia Webb, a college graduate was hired as a temporal administrative assistant at DFW Airport for almost 4 year without promotion. God intervened in her case, got promoted to a top managerial position as a Market Development Analysis (Air Service Development unit) that sort airlines to fly to DFW Airports. In July 2014, she led a delegation from DFW to Africa to negotiate contracts with Ethiopian and Kenyan Airlines to fly to DFW.

27. Deaconess Mary Owusu Sekyere got choked during a Tuesday Women Ministry prayer meeting. The rest of the members entered into an intensive prayer for God to intervene. During the prayers, the sister threw up some type of plastic object and was recovered.

28. Sister Florence Gue also was saved by God when she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit to leave her room with her daughter during the night. She left without knowing where she was going. Within some few minutes a car went straight to her room towards where she was sitting. The chair she was sitting on and some of her belongings were destroyed. We thank God she and her daughter were saved.

29. A brother who is also a “Deacon of the Church, Steve Atta Koranteng was rushed to hospital and after an emergency surgery went into coma. Leaders of the church rushed to the hospital and prayed for the brother. He recovered and was discharged the following day”.

30. Sister Vida Oduro, a member of the Bellaire Assembly had been trying to have children for the past 27 years but to no avail. By the Grace of God, she was blessed with twins- a boy and a girl this year. God saw her through a difficult pregnancy and delivery. Both children and their parents are doing well to the Glory of God.