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11. Our brother Felix Acheampong was involved in an occupational accident (crashed at the chest by a heavy container while loading goods for shipping) and sustained serious injuries, internal bleeding and profuse bleeding from his mouth, nostrils and ears. He underwent surgery and by the grace of God he has recuperated.

12. A member testified that she reunited through phone with her daughter after 20 years of separation. Sister Sarah Gipli, a Liberian, lost her 5yr old daughter during the civil war in Liberia and almost given up on finding her. However, on Friday (21st June 2013) – during the district prayer and fasting program – she had a phone call and amazingly it was her daughter on the other side. She is yet to see her in person but she gives all glory to God.

13. Our Brother, Tony Smith experienced the miraculous hand of God. He purchased a car through a dealer and paid $15,000 for a friend in Ghana. Unfortunately, the dealer did not deliver the car as contracted. All efforts to retrieve the money failed and finally the dealer disappeared. Our brother had to borrow money to pay the friend in Ghana. The church prayed with our brother and during this time of intercession, the dealer resurfaced to plead with our brother to go retrieve the money from his lawyer.

14. A fifty one year old barren woman in the Reading, PA area was blessed with a child, after nineteen years of marriage when she was prayed for. The sister has since joined the Church of Pentecost, Reading.

15. In Queens Assembly, a brother was miraculously rescued from a swimming pool as he was drowning at the bottom. He was unconscious and unresponsive when he was pulled out of the water, but God intervened and he came back to life after Emergency Medical Technicians had resuscitated him. Thankfully, he suffered no medical repercussions, even though he was technically dead for several minutes.

16. In another episode, one of our sisters’ nine year-old daughter was hit by a car with a heavy impact. Amazingly, she got up, straightened her clothes and walk on to the surprise of witnesses. When asked what had happened to her, she stated “it was like I just tripped and fell. Nothing hit me.” Obviously, the impact was supernaturally intercepted! Glory be to God.

17. A brother in Delaware, Nat Nartey was also delivered from a near death experience after walking around with a ruptured appendix for a couple of weeks, a condition which the medical team told him could have been fatal. He has been treated and is now very well.

18. Another brother and his family came to the United States from Ghana with United Nations’ fixed term contract. Last year his contract was terminated under some fraudulent means by his Chief Security Officer in order to give his position to some friends who were affected by a comparative assessment review in the Netherlands. The termination was due on December 31st, 2013 but by the grace of God on November 13th his fixed term contract was reinstated to the glory of God.

19. A Muslim by name Fadumo gave her life to Christ and brought her mother who was also a Muslim to receive Christ and they gave an offering of $4015.00 to thank the Lord for saving them. Also a member (Deaconess Victoria Boateng) who was told by her doctor that she will not make it through December 2012 last year due to a chronic illness is still alive and doing very well in health through intensive prayers of the saints.

20. In early June, the Duodu family had complained to their apartment management that the roof in their son Edwin’s room was leaking but work had not yet been done on it. Two days later Edwin went to bed unhappy and disappointed that his favorite sports team had lost a game. He woke up from bed around 3am to move himself and his pillow from where he originally lay. Seconds later the roof came crashing down on his bed with debris all over, missing him by inches.